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Timber Hills Lake Ranch - Deer Feed Supplement

Timber Hills Lake Ranch - Deer Feed Supplement


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Are you looking to achieve trophy size racks on your deer and elk?

Grows Antlers up to 35% larger!
Timber Hills Lake Ranch™ Deer Feed Supplement is a specially formulated feed additive for all categories of growing and mature Deer and Elk as an effective, all-natural supplement to deters flies, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects while growing MASSIVE ANTLER RACKS!


"Combining the results contained within these 4 identified areas, it is statistically demonstrated that distress and irritation caused by fly nuisance can be reduced by an average of 60% when fed [Feed Supplement]" - K-State University Trial

With University studies validating:
- 80% decrease in ear flicking
- 80% decrease in head shaking
- 66% decrease in tail swishing
- 59% decrease in leg kicking 
          - 43% decrease in tick attachment

Along with strong and healthy increases in weight gain, Deer Feed Supplement by Timber Hills Lake Ranch provides the solution to some of the most serious risks your deer and elk face like: Anaplasmosis - the most common tick-transferred disease to cause illness in deer, piroplasmosis and Lyme disease.


- All-Natural | Developed by Laboratory Scientists 
- Palatable / Highly Desired by Animals
- 4lbs Supplement Added to 200lbs of Feed
- Improve Skin Integrity | Reduce Skin Irritation
- No immunity, resistance or build up | Impossible to Overdose
- Environmentally Friendly / Non-Habitat Destroying

- Grows Antlers up to 35% larger than competitor products!

Your deer and elk will be running to your feeders just to get their daily allowance of Timber Hills Lake Ranch Deer Feed Supplement!

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