About Us

"Founded in 2016, Trust Think Products operates with the mission of helping people and animals one product at a time. Based on science and safety, many of Trust Think’s products have been developed for the founder’s personal use as an owner and operator of a 3,000 acre ranch dedicated to the preservation of native species including, but not limited to: equine, turkey, bison, elk and deer. After developing and using Trust Think Products personally since 2010, Trust Think Products is proud to bring essential products to the retail market.

All the products held by Trust Think must be qualified as GRAS by the FDA. A product that the Food and Drug Administration deems Generally Recognized as Safe is a product that can be safely used among all customers, including children.

At TTP, we believe that you, your loved ones and four legged companions should have access to the safest and best options available. Thank you for putting your faith in Trust Think Products."

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