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At Trust Think Products™, we believe that you and your animals should be treated with dignity and respect. Trust Think Products has collaborated with scientists, researchers, doctors and veterinarians to take our products to the next level, developing a line of natural and non-toxic products designed to improve the health and well-being of people, pets, livestock and wildlife.

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Founded in 2016, Trust Think Products operates with the mission of helping people and animals one product at a time. Based on science and safety, Trust Think’s products were initially developed for personal and developmental use at our operation of 3,000+ acres dedicated to the preservation of native species and wildlife habitats. Learn more so you can say that you TrustThinkProducts!

Timber Hills Lake Ranch - Cattle Fly + Tick Supplement
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As a former officer for over 30 years, I was exposed to all types of environments. If I could have had a product that moisturizes while sanitizing, I would have used it every day

Allen W

I bought this for my two daughters to put on their desks at work, and one for myself. It’s a very soothing lotion that sanitizes too!

Mary Y

Started feeding Think Equine last summer and have completely eliminated using fly sprays wonderful product. Told my neighbor about it he started feeding it to goats for lice and flys and it worked better than the pour on. A must try I’m a 100% sold

William P