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TTP Sanitizing Spray - 2 FL OZ

TTP Sanitizing Spray - 2 FL OZ

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Trust Think Products Daily Sanitizing Spray™ is the ultimate solution to replace alcohol-based cleansers and sanitizers. Commonly used in hospital, salon, restaurant, commercial and residential environments, hypochlorous acid - HOCl is the new standard in safe and effective cleansing and disinfection. HOCl has many health benefits including cosmetic applications as hypochlorous acid is suggested to be used on face and skin to cleanse before and after using makeup, working out as well as exposure to harmful germs and bacteria. TTP Daily Sanitizing Spray is effective against 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria for cleaning, moistening and softening hands, face and skin. Easy and hassle-free to apply, non-toxic and child safe, TTP Daily Sanitizing Spray is a moisturizing and hydrating hand|face|skin cleanser all-in-one spray!

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