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Tick-Be-Gone™ is a unique, long-acting non-greasy, topical product containing a safe tick and insect deterrent in a controlled release protective and moisturizing delivery system that provides up to 48 hours of ongoing protection.


Step 1: Apply the Lotion

Our product has been designed to be used on your entire body. Ticks and other biting insects are not deterred by your clothing, so it is important to cover your entire body.

Start with a small amount on your hands and apply to your head, neck, and shoulders. Now repeat the process for your torso, waist, legs, and arms. You may need assistance when applying it to your back. Be sure to coat your entire body in a thin layer in order to experience the full benefits.

Step 2: Hold Your Breath (Not Really)

To ensure that our product is safe for the majority of people we have decided to not include any artificial chemicals or skin-irritating fragrances in our formula.

As a result, you may notice a strong smell (some have delightfully compared it to garlic flavored BBQ Burnt Ends). However, thanks to our time-release technology, this odor will dissipate in about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Tick-Free Adventure

You're all set, head outdoors and enjoy your adventure. Whether you're hunting, fishing, hiking, or just spending the day at the lake with your family, Tick-Be-Gone™ has you covered.


We believe that you, your loved ones and four legged companions should have access to the safest and best options available.

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