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"Combining the results contained within these 4 identified areas, it is statistically demonstrated that distress and irritation caused by fly nuisance can be reduced by an average of 60% when fed [Fly + Tick Supplement]" - K-State University Trial


Timber Hills Lake Ranch™ Livestock Fly + Tick Supplement is a specially formulated feed additive for all categories of growing and mature livestock as an effective, all-natural supplement to deters flies, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects.


With University studies validating:

- 66% decrease in tail swishing

- 59% decrease in leg kicking

- 80% decrease in head shaking

- 80% decrease in ear flicking

- 43% decrease in tick attachment



Along with strong and healthy increases in weight gain, Livestock Fly + Tick Supplement by Timber Hills Lake Ranch provides the solution to some of the most dreaded risks your animal faces like: Anaplasmosis - the most common tick-transferred disease to cause illness in horses, Lyme Disease, and Piroplasmosis



- All-Natural | Developed by Laboratory Scientists

- Palatable / Highly Desired by Animals

- One 2oz Serving Per Day Added to Feed

- Improve Skin Integrity | Reduce Skin Irritation

- No immunity, resistance or build up | Impossible to Overdose

- Environmentally Friendly / Non-Habitat Destroying



Your animals will be running to you just to get their daily allowance of Timber Hills Lake Ranch Livestock Fly + Tick supplement!

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