Introducing - Business Operations Manager - Brandon Brown

 The team at Trust Think is proud to announce the addition of Brandon Brown in fulfilling the role of Business Operations Manager. He will be tasked with taking the direction of Trust Think Products to the consumer market and bringing awareness to the brand. Over 10 years of experience in international logistics management, shipping and dispatch with one of the largest parcel services in the world gives the Trust Think team the upper hand in global scalability and integration with the new addition. When asked about his plans for growth, Brandon proclaimed "It is going to be hard to keep up with the demand. A lot of countries outside of the U.S. have already begun integrating solutions that can be used broadly across all ages, facilities and environments." 

  "Things came together incredibly well, especially being someone who relies on their faith to tell them where to go," is the way Brandon described his meeting with founder Joe Bisogno. "I've worked as a firefighter, EMT, lab technician, logistics manager but I can tell you I've never had as much fun as working with Trust Think Products. Joe leads an incredible many teams to varied successes and I am incredibly excited to be yet another story of accomplishment. He is a great mentor and coach."

 When asked what he enjoys when he does actually take time away from work, Brandon described entertaining himself with collecting music records, playing disc and traditional golf, and always finding a movie and a blanket for himself and his significant other as well as their two cats. "I can certainly be just as lazy as productive, though I have been very fortunate to be able to enjoy my work as much as I do." Trust Think is excited to see the future unfold with Brandon Brown, the head of Business Operations Management.


Brandon can be reached at:


phone: (913) 585 - 9080